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Risk Assessment

Legal Requirements


The introduction of the 'Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations' in 1993 saw the first legal requirements for risk assessment. The regulations stipulate all employers and owner / managers must assess the risk associated with their business and how it could affect staff or third parties.

All companies are required by law to undertake risk assessments and for organisations with five or more staff, the significant risks and must be recorded. It is advised all organizations should keep documentation of ongoing and identified risks and procedures.


Minimise the Risk

Aegis Safety Consultancy has many years experience in undertaking risk assessments, and will work with organisations to ensure not only legal regulations are met, but also to make the work environment a safer place for all. Assessments can be consultancy based, or for larger organisations Aegis can train a member of staff to carry out in-house risk assessments.



Specialist Services

In addition to general risk assessments, Aegis covers specialist risk assessment, including:


  • Hazardous Substance Risk Assessments

  • Manual Handling Risk Assessments

  • Fire Risk Assessments

  • Noise Risk Assessments

  • Display Screen Equipment Risk Assessments

To find out whether your business is protected and how to ensure your staff and yourself are protected against risk, contact Aegis Safety Consultancy today.


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