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About Aegis Safety Consultancy Ltd

Aegis Safety Consultancy, established in 1999, aims to provide business with confidence that their health and safety provision meets the basic requirements of criminal and civil law. In addition, Aegis works closely with businesses to ensure a safe, yet productive work environment is developed and maintained so businesses have more freedom to develop and maximize their potential.

Based in Hexham, Northumberland, Aegis has a wide range of regional and national clients working in many industries, ranging from education and care to laboratories and the office environment.


Providing a wide range of health and safety solutions, Aegis can help your organisation by providing specialist consultancy support, risk assessment and health and safety training.


In addition Aegis Safety Consultancy will provide a free and confidential 'health check', providing an invaluable assessment of whether your company complies with current health and safety legislation.

What's in a name?

AEGIS [ée-jis] noun

1. Class. Myth. The shield or breastplate of Zeus or Athena, bearing at its centre, the head of the Gorgon.
2. Protection, support, safekeeping.
3. Guidance, direction, or control.
4. Sponsorship, patronage.


Whatever your health and safety requirements, Aegis will provide support and guidance to ensure cost effective and painless health and safety solutions. Remember, prevention is always better than cure!

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