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Aegis Safety Consultancy

We all know the pressures exerted on business to comply with the minefield of health and safety legislation. However, legalities aside, there are a range of benefits that businesses need to consider when assessing health and safety at work. These range from:


1. Improving Staff Welfare and Morale

2. Increased Productivity of Workforce

3. Creation of a Safe Work Environment

4. Decreasing Sickness Absence

For these reasons alone, now is a good time to assess your health and safety provision.

Aegis Safety Consultancy understands the increasing pressures on business and will provide the best possible solution to all your health and safety requirements, ensuring you meet the demanding task of complying with the multitude of health & safety legislation and codes of practice, but also the correct procedures in place to protect your staff.

Providing a comprehensive range of Health and Safety support, Aegis offers a range of solutions to ensure all your legislative health and safety requirements are surpassed. These include:

  • Free health check

  • Comprehensive Health & Safety Audits and confidential reports

  • Health & Safety Advisory Service

  • Staff training

  • Risk assessments

  • Preparation of policies and Health & Safety management plans

  • Preparation of Stress Management Policy

  • Specialised risk assessments (COSHH, Manual Handling, Fire Risk)

  • Preparation of customized Health & Safety policy statements

  • Trouble shooting post Insurance/HSE/Environmental Heath Inspections

  • Preparation of Company Health & Safety Manuals - paper or computer based

  • Development of safe working practices

  • Emergency First Aid

  • Liaison with enforcing authority inspectors

  • Periodic workplace inspection

  • Accident and Incident Investigation

  • Completion of documentation required by main contractors and enforcing/regulating bodies.

Regardless of your size, experience or location, Aegis Safety Consultants can help you resolve any Health & Safety issues you may have, find out how by contacting Aegis Safety Consultancy.



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